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About Juliana

Juliana Garcia Halloran graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has recently completed her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science graduating Summa Cum Laude.

Juliana is a Nutritionist, NPC Bikini and Figure Prep Coach, certified personal trainer, Crossfit Coach, sports fitness specialist, corrective exercise specialist, NPC Competitor, and virtual fitness coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). She has been personal training for over 9 years and also competes in Figure and Bikini competitions as a natural athlete through organizations like National Physique Committee (NPC), Musclemania, Real Sports, and the Natural Gym Association.  Juliana believes in providing healthy lifestyles through fitness and nutrition as well as leading a healthy family and spiritual life.

When she’s not competing she enjoys regular workouts and outdoor activities, spending time with her family, and keeping up to date with the latest information on health and fitness. As an athlete for most of her life, she has learned that sound nutrition assists in performance and can be carried into daily life.

Nutrition is more than 70% of an individual’s results and Juliana recognizes theimportance of understanding and educating her clients, family, and friends on the basicprinciples of nutrition. Overall, she enjoys helping people reach their goals and looksforward to making a difference for those who want to change their lifestyle for the better. Adding to her resume recently she is now coaching Crossfit at H-Town’s second location in the Heights.

This year Juliana proudly competed in the Phil Heath Classic taking 1st place in Masters, 1st place in Open C and sweeping with the Overall Bikini Award.​ In March 2013 Juliana placed at The Phil Heath and qualified for Nationals for the NPC.

2 months following the Phil Health Juliana took her bikini ready body to the National level and competed among hundreds of top athletes. In April 2012 Juliana took the stage at the NPC Texas Shredder and took 2nd Place in Bikini out of 32 women qualifying for Team U in 2013!

After 14 weeks of competitive dieting Juliana took to the stage at the Musclemania Lonestar 2011 in Galveston at Moody Gardens Convention center.  Taking away 3 trophies was an exciting experience for Juliana and is proud of all her hard work.



Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition Science​

Certified Personal Trainer & Crossfit Coach

NPC Bikini & Figure Prep Coach

IFBB Florida Grand Prix 2017




1st place




3rd Place