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My Temple

When I think of my body I think of my temple. I also see it as my personal sculpture, my creative development I have been blessed with, and let’s not forget the place my soul inhabits during this lifetime. My body. My soul. My love. These are just a few components of Juliana.


During my lifetime I have bruised, embraced, inked, abused, physically transformed, and love my body.  It’s mine, all mine and the best part is I choose how to nourish it.  It’s taken me years, endless hours of research and trial and error but I know what’s best for me. I understand the essentials of nutrients and whole foods. I also understand the negative effects my body has to the wrong foods so I choose to put cleaner foods in my body. We only have one and I choose to treat it like a temple.


I did not practice this all my life but when I decided it was time to treat my body with respect and love from the inside out I began my fitness journey and never looked back.


#loveyourtemple #getfeisty