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certified fitness trainer

what to expect from Juliana

When it comes to having a healthy lifestyle, personal training is one of the greatest tools you can leverage to create the habits you needs to have to reach your goals. People come in all different shapes and sizes, with all different habits, obstacles, and constitutions. And everyone has an image in their mind of what their perfect healthy lifestyle will look like.​

Juliana, A unique Fitness Coach

Personal training is available at most gyms and health clubs. It is a simple matter to hire the staff trainer for an hour once or twice to help you learn the machines or give you some advice about your workout regimen. But with Juliana, you are getting much, much more. Besides her in home personal training services Juliana brings a balanced perspective on health and fitness, including nutritional and lifestyle coaching.

As a personal trainer, Juliana understands that while looks and image may have been the motivating factor to get you to the gym in the first place, learning and implementing healthy lifestyle changes is the only way to get fit and stay fit.

do you struggle with any OF THESE Issues? 


No results or slow results, even with consistent effort

Scheduling your workouts for maximum impact

Boring monotony in the same old workouts

Reaching personal goals like timed runs or endurance

Understanding the right way to work out


Working out after an injury

Sporting event-related training like marathons or triathlons

Chances are, you lead a busy, hectic life. Personal training is by far the best option for meeting or even exceeding your personal fitness goals.



Your best option for a personal trainer is just a phone call away. Call Juliana today to set up an appointment! Or enter your email address in the box over there to get instant access to Juliana’s exclusive guide to healthy eating out, and be entered to win a FREE training session with Juliana.